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Email iTutor: iTutor8@gmail.com


iTutor offers individual needs-based maths tuition (extra maths) from a personal tutor to Primary and High School students in Grahamstown High Schools.  I am experimenting with Distance Education using Apple iPads or other means.  iTutor offers a wide range of Study Notes.

iTutor Grahamstown prepares your child for success!

I work strictly one-on-one with my students in the extra maths sessions using an iPad linked to my website and a wide variety of maths resources including an iPad-based 'white board". 
My record-keeping, registration tracking, query tracking, bookings and accounting are semi-automated. 
Study Notes:
My website offers a wide range of Study Notes at no charge.  The study notes may be searched here.  Study and exam techniques are found in the Student Zone.
Solving Mathematical Problems:
I endorse Critical Thinking as a means of improving problem solving skills, particularly in Assessment Situations. 
Learning Difficulties and Disorders:
Many students who under-perform suffer from learning difficulties or diagnosed learning disorders.  These include dyslexia (reading difficulty), Dyscalculia(maths difficulty), Dysgraphia (writing difficulty), Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit with Hyper-Activity Disorder (ADHD), Aperger Syndrome (difficulties with social interaction, nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviour) and Meares-iIrlen Syndrom (difficulty with fine vision).  With patience, observation, feedback from student and family and personal research I construct a student profile and plan lessons to be as effective as possible. 


Literature suggests that most people have the 'innate ability' to 'do maths' much as most people have the 'innate ability' to learn to talk.  Education involves building on such abilities.

Your child will receive an Individual Needs Analysis and then receive appropriate Supplementary Tuition so that s/he can gain maximum benefit from his/her Grahamstown High School Education.  This is much more than 'extra maths'.  When a student fails to fully benefit from class-room education, there are many possible reasons for this.  My work involves discovering why such difficulties occur and reducing (remedying) them.

If you are considering asking me to help your child

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