Student and Tutor


Most students seek my help because they are having difficulties with their studies.  Occasionally I am asked to help a student who has good results but who wants to do even better.  This page is mainly addressed to the first class of student.

Teachers and Tutors:

Teachers teach their students on a one-to-many basis.  While the teacher is accessible to the individual members of his/her class there is a limit to the degree to which they may become involved with solving a student's difficulties.  The teacher's primary responsibility is to her/his class:  The student's responsibility is, as a class-member to pay close attention to the teaching and diligently complete assigned work.

Tutors teach their students on a one-to-one basis and need to engage closely with the student academically.  The tutor's responsibility  is to his/her student:  To diagnose and treat their their problems and support them as they improve their performance.  The student's responsibility is to supply the tutor with details of their problems.  The student should be prepared to report their latest class activities at the start of every tutoring session.  The tutor requires details of every class test, both the questions and the student's answers.  The student is also responsible for diligently applying any remedial techniques the tutor  may propose.

While the relationship between student and tutor is central to the tutoring process, other stakeholders include the student's parents, the class teacher and possibly some educational specialist such as an educational psychologist.

To facilitate the stakeholders' contributions this website provides the communications page with webforms linking the student, parents, teacher and specialist with iTutor.

For lessons learned in the past to be reused in the present the Study Notes page offers a large number  of problems solving texts.