Tutorial Services Release 1.5
21 January, 2018

I offer tutorial support by direct one-on-one contact. I do not presently accept multiple students in a given time-slot. I offer support for the following subjects.
• Mathematics Grades 3 to 7 and 8 to 12
• Mathematics Literacy grades 10 to 12
• Geography Grades 10 to 12.

In addition to one-on-one contact tuition tailored to the student's needs the student may contact me at any time when they have a problem understanding material taught by their school teacher, or with homework. I also provide support for "projects" in the form of guidance. Such contact (and my response) may be by email, sms or the WhatsApp messenger. Generally there is no charge. When project guidance requires personal contact I will charge at the normal rates. Homework assistance consists of advice and possibly guidance with similar problems. Under no circumstances will I solve specific homework problems and neither will I contribute directly to a student's project.

New developments in iPad Software enable me to offer real-time interactive support-at-a-distance when the student also has an iPad.  The two iPad's screens follow each other and a voice (VoIP) link is also available.  Such support is free to my registered students.  I am considering offering this as  an alternative form of tuition but at this stage it is still experimental.

I periodically create study notes to assist individual students (or several students with the same difficulty). The notes, in .pdf format, are sent by email as a URL to all students who might benefit from them. There is no charge.


I charge R 350-00  per contact hour, and fractions of an hour may be charged pro-rata. However, when consecutive contact hours are requested (booked in advance) I reduce my rate to R 330-00  per additional hour.  My transport and administrative charge of R20 is included in my charges for Grahamstown West. Travel to Joza and beyond may cost more, depending on distance.

My terms are payment in advance.  Lesson credits may be bought in 'blocks' of 5 at a cost of  R1750 per block.  During the school holidays I offer a free lesson with each 5-lesson block purchased.  I issue a Statement Of Account (SOA) weekly indicating your account status (lesson credits used and remaining) and a brief description of lessons conducted (or cancelled).  I now accumulate more detailed information about lessons and any problems encountered.  Records are stored in a spread sheet and may be made available weekly to parents. 

Cancellation and Rescheduling of Bookings:

My tutorial time (one-on-one) is assigned in one-hour units. I work with the Schools and use their venues (libraries and reading rooms) for my tutorials. I respect the Schools' time constraints and requirements. If the schools' requirements clash with my bookings the Schools' needs take precedence. When a student needs to cancel for "school" reasons or for pressing personal reasons I will always attempt to reschedule them. I keep Saturday free from firm bookings both as a rest period for myself and my family and also to allow students to make temporary bookings.

From this year I nearly always charge when a student cancels a booking for reasons other than those mentioned above.  I immediately issue a Free Lesson with a validity of 6 days.  The student is responsible for re-booking over the following 6 days.  I feel that I quote for a series of lessons in order to produce an educational result.  You pay for the lessons for the same purpose.  If lessons are totally missed continuity is lost and the educational result is degraded.

When ever possible I send sms reminders to students some time before their lessons are due.
Refund Policy.

When parents and students decide to terminate my tutorial services any remaining lesson credits will be held for at least the balance of the year.  Refunds are at my discretion.  Lesson credits may be used in the future irrespective of any price increases which may have occurred in the interim.  Lesson credits are transferable to other students.  Cases where students change to schools outside of Grahamstown will be considered separately.

Andrew Soper